BTI is uniquely qualified to advise institutional investors and property owners on how to evaluate, manage market, and sell diverse range of real estate. The firm’s core of senior professionals brings clients an advisory practice with extensive experience in finance, residential development, commercial development, planning, entitlements, sales, leasing and operations.

New opportunities typically involve a detailed assessment of the project background, financing structure, market conditions, existing and proposed entitlements, cost to complete, outstanding obligations, alternative development scenarios, financial pro formas as well as acquisition and disposition strategies. Upon assessment, BTI is typically engaged to issue debt with the existing landowner or provide asset management or development services. BTI’s restructuring services combine current market realities with an assessment of future market potential, allowing a win-win situation for the landowner and institutional lender.

Since 2010, BTI has restructured four communities representing aggregate debt of over $92 million and approximately 2,906 residential lots. In those situations where restructuring is not an option, BTI provides asset management services, managing the day-to-day operations of the community, the entitlement process, marketing and sales, community governance and development.

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