BTI Partners, along with its principal, Noah Breakstone, believe in all of the projects in which they elect to participate in. There is no better proof of this than the substantial principal equity that the company has placed into new deals over the past five years.

BTI participates in opportunistic and value-add real estate investments on behalf of its principals, private approved individuals and institutional partners by utilizing a process that includes thorough diligence, dynamic structuring and efficient forceful execution.

Successful real estate investing requires an in-depth understanding of the asset as well as calculated market projections and an experience-based familiarity with the target disposition subjects. The company’s goal is to utilize comprehensive analytics, accretive financial structures, risk-mitigating legal supplementation, entrepreneurial development and management expertise in order to protect equity and capital while maximizing returns and minimizing risk.

BTI targets investments that provide for an acquisition basis below that of the sum of in-place parts and attributes, and rejects opportunities whereby return metrics are overly dependent on the utilization of leverage. The company has a proven track record of acquiring heavily distressed, impaired or otherwise defunct projects and quickly and effectively removing progress impediments while simultaneously improving and remarketing them for successful disposition.  This discounted acquisition approach further ensures the protection of the capital stack from deal inception while the firm’s ability to create new value through the development process maximizes profitability upon the eventual exit.

While the company’s primary business is self-perform development services, it is by no means the only way in which BTI can participate in new opportunities. The company often invests in ventures in which it is not the majority stakeholder or the managing partner.

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